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10 Common Mistakes With HR Investigations

How can The HR Investigator® help your Workplace Investigations?

The HR Investigator® is an Australian business and online resource providing step-by-step guides and information to help anyone who is undertaking workplace investigations into employee misconduct.

Whether it’s for an emergency situation or for future resourcing, each DIY workplace investigation kit or form is instantly downloadable and ready to use.

Our resources can help HR professionals of all skill levels including those who are training others. We hold regular webinars to help with professional development and learning skills so you can better deal with various workplace misconduct issues.

Who uses The HR Investigator® for workplace investigations?

All kinds of enterprises from small businesses to corporate organisations. The HR Investigator® resources are for anyone responsible for investigating (or training others to investigate):

  • Workplace bullying
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Workplace related social media misuse
  • Workplace theft & fraud
  • Serious employee misconduct
  • Critical workplace incidents

Why use The HR Investigator®?

In workplace misconduct situations, legal advisors will often tell a HR professional what to do but not exactly how to do it.

Having not been instructed on how to do a workplace investigation properly, HR professionals are often left guessing or feeling uncertain of what to do during the investigation process, leading to a trial-and-error disaster.

Our range of investigation kits are step-by-step-guides on the “how” of workplace investigations into various kinds of employee misconduct. These comprehensive and self-contained guides have been created and verified by expert employment lawyer Brad Petley.

You’ll feel confident about conducting your own investigations, and be seen in your organisation or company as someone who knows how to deal with employee misconduct issues professionally and decisively.

The HR Investigator® kits can also save you thousands of dollars in legal expenses and claims. A one hour consultation with a lawyer is likely to cost you more than one of our step-by-step workplace investigation kits. By undertaking a proper investigation you’ll also reduce the likelihood of expensive unfair dismissal litigation later on.

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