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Sexual Harassment Investigations – DIY Kit & Resources

A sexual harassment investigation requires attention to detail and a formal process. The HR Investigator® Sexual Harassment Workplace Investigation Kit is a downloadable DIY guide that ensures you check all the boxes along the way. It protects your business and staff with effective and safe processes, and with the reassurance that all material has been verified by expert employment lawyer Brad Petley of Acumen Lawyers.

If you don’t require our full kit, we also have individual documents and purpose built precedents designed specifically for sexual harassment investigation situations such as a tailored Running Sheet, tailored Witness Statement and tailored Suspension Letter.

  • Instant access – these resources can be downloaded and used immediately
  • Detailed instructions – not just what to do, but how to do it step-by-step
  • Excellent value – even a one hour consultation with a lawyer is likely to cost you more than a Sexual Harassment Workplace Investigation Kit from The HR Investigator®

What’s in the Sexual Harassment Investigation Kit?

The HR Investigator® manual and complete kit will give you a relevant, up-to-date guide on an effective workplace sexual harassment investigation process. Your download will step you through each process that needs to occur; from the letters that will need to be written to the interviews that will need to be conducted. Also included is advice on what to highlight in the letters and what questions to ask during the interviewing stage.

At no stage will you be left wondering what to do. Our manual is your companion which keeps you on track throughout the entire investigation process.

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