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10 Common Mistakes With HR Investigations

General workplace investigation products – DIY resources

Looking for investigation kits for a specific type of workplace misconduct investigation?

The HR Investigator® has tailored investigations kits available for instant download for workplace bullying, sexual harassment, social media misconduct, and workplace theft and fraud.

Our resources also include a range of general investigation products and templates that you can tailor to suit different needs as they arise in the workplace. These include a tailored Investigation Report, tailored Suspension Letter and tailored Script for Delivering a Decision following an investigation.

  • Instant access – these resources can be downloaded and used immediately
  • Easy to use – written in plain English and verified by expert employment lawyer Brad Petley of Acumen Lawyers
  • Excellent value – the services of a lawyer is likely to cost you a good deal more to draft such a template than if you purchased yours from The HR Investigator®

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