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About Brad Petley, The HR Investigator® founder

With his distinctive combination of legal skills and investigative experience, The HR Investigator® founder Brad Petley is an employment law specialist keenly sought by employers Australia-wide for his astute advice about investigating workplace misconduct.

An online resource built from experience

Brad Petley is a nationally recognised employment lawyer and a frequent presenter about HR Investigations and other day-to-day workplace issues facing employers. Currently the head of Acumen Lawyers, his wealth of experience includes heading up the employment law group of a major eastern seaboard law firm, as well as the Industrial Law Group of the Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Not content with the reactive nature of providing legal advice after problems occur, Brad knew that there was a better way for HR professionals and employers to benefit from his unique blend of legal and investigative skills. Thus The HR Investigator® was born.

Brad Petley – a REAL investigator

In a previous life, Brad Petley was a decorated detective sergeant with the Queensland Police Service. During this time, Brad took part in and led numerous serious and complex investigations into a wide range of crimes. His investigation skills were well recognised within police circles including his development and delivery of investigation courses to trainee detectives.  Some of Queensland’s current top police detectives initially learned their investigation skills in courses developed by Brad.

Combining his unique mix of investigative skills with the ease-of-use of internet downloads, The HR Investigator® provides DIY tools to empower any professional investigating misconduct in the workplace.


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