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How to sack a Workplace Bully – Webinar DVD

Termination of employment is one disciplinary option when dealing with a workplace bully

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10 Common Mistakes with HR Investigations

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The HR Investigator DIY Tools

Workplace Investigations - DIY tools for investigating workplace misconduct

The HR Investigator® provides downloadable step-by-step guides that empower HR professionals and employers to effectively investigate workplace misconduct. Our DIY workplace investigation kits and forms cover workplace bullying, sexual harassment, social media misuse, theft & fraud & more!

The benefits of our DIY workplace investigation tools...


Downloadable step-by-step HR investigation guides verified by Acumen Lawyers


No need to hire expensive lawyers or external workplace investigators


Not just what to do, but how to do it - feel confident to conduct HR investigations


Thorough HR investigations strengthen your position against future claims by employees

Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations

The HR Investigator® makes workplace investigations a whole lot easier.

We know harassment in the workplace is an unpleasant issue to have to deal with it. That is why we have created our manuals and kits to help see you through the process. We have designed step-by-step guides to the best practices involved in HR issues, from workplace bullying and harassment to workplace sexual harassment. It is our goal to ensure that you have immediate and convenient access to relevant information right away.

Do you need to understand how to deal with a workplace harassment issue right now?

A workplace investigation isn’t fun at the best of times. However wading through the sea of confusing information regarding the issue can be a further source of frustration. There is an abundance of bad information and confusing jargon floating around both online and offline. Even the official government websites can be a confusing series of fruitless page clicking.

Do you want to avoid wasting time finding the right information about workplace investigations?

We provide comprehensive manuals full of everything you need to know about your HR issue. There is no irrelevant information. No confusing jargon. This means there is no time wasted between you needing the information and you having the information at your fingertips. Workplace claims are serious, and the faster you can deal with them, the better the result is likely to be for everyone.

Do you want a step by step guide to you conducting your investigation?

We have put together packages to systematically step you through each part of the process. Our HR investigation kits are specifically designed to walk you through every step of the investigation process. From the letters you need to write, to interview questions you must ask and the manual you need to read. Everything you need to know, and everything you need to do to protect your staff and your business is included in our investigation kits.